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Springfield Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy offers classes for men, women and children led by seasoned competition-tested instructors both in Gi and No-Gi grappling styles.


  • Matthew Lowry
  • Mike Leake
  • Matthew Groves
  • Ricardo Aviles Aviles
  • Steven Smallwood
  • John Sharkey
Matthew Lowry

I dropped 12 pounds of useless fat in my first month of training.Focusing on training helped me kick a 10-year smoking habit, develop a healthier diet and lifestyle, and I feel confident in the skills I've learned here to protect myself, if necessary. Once you get used to someone choking you, and realizing you must keep fighting to escape, the challenges and stresses of everyday life begin to seem much more trivial I've been with this club for 7 months and I'm looking forward to spending the next 70 with this crew.

Mike Leake

I just want to take a second to thank Brian Stuebner and all the guys from Springfield BJJ.It has been a very difficult time in my life and I struggle everyday. Brian and the guys from Springfield BJJ have treated me like family from the moment I started training with them. I get emails and phone calls all the time from guys just checking on me. I can't tell you how much that means to me. You guys are absolutely incredible. Even though we come from different schools you guys have been so good to me and you are a solid group of guys and gals. I consider all of you guys my family.

Matthew Groves

As a parent, I see first hand the value of my son learning JiuJitsu. The skills he acquires on the mat translate to many other areas of life.

Ricardo Aviles Aviles

This year has been very challenging for me. I discovered who are my true friends when everything falls apart. I learned that no matter how defeated I feel the reality is that you gotta push. I came to terms with a lot of things and at the end of it all I understood that you need to do things that make YOU happy. I wanna thank all of the BJJ family in my life, my friends, and my family who helped me though this year. Whether in thoughts, prayers, or chokes you make a difference in my life. And you're all amazing.

Steven Smallwood

Springfield BJJ is an incredible place to learn self-defense in Springfield, MO. There are people from many walks of life who train there, of various ages, with classes for women, men, and children. People are respectful and concentrated on learning and practicing with a no-ego approach. Brian Stuebner is a professional teacher and BJJ practitioner, knowledgeable, skilled, and always focused on upholding a high standard for the fighting style within the gym. One of my favorite things about Springfield is this place. Challenging but doable and satisfying, providing an outlet to burn calories and build muscle, stretch, and get in cardiovascular activity, while learning one of the most-used and most useful martial arts, in a clean, relaxed, and respectful environment. End accolade.

John Sharkey

Yesterday I had the opportunity to apply my Jiu-Jitsu in a real life situation, although, not in any cool or badass way. I was getting out of the LMTV (read, big Army truck) at work, my feet got caught up and I fell about 6-7' out of the truck onto concrete. I instinctively let myself fall out parallel to the ground and landed a perfect side breakfall. I only have a few bruises instead of a broken "insert bone here." Thank you Brian for teaching not just the "cool sport" Jiu-jitsu techniques, but also the "boring" fundamental techniques that can be applied in a situation I would have never expected.

We Defy

Approved Training Facility

Springfield BJJ is a We Defy Approved Training Facility. We Defy helps to improve the lives of mentally and physically disabled combat veterans by providing them with BJJ training. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, you can apply via this link.

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We welcome everyone to try out a free class. Find a competitive outlet, get in great shape, build confidence, make new friends, and maximize your potential today.

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Our Instructors

Brian Stuebner

Brian Stuebner, a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Caio Terra, began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2005 and is truly dedicated to the lifestyle that comes along with it. Over the past 11 years, Brian has used his focus and determination to build a strong group of students who compete and perform well in tournaments. Brian actively competes and trains with some of the best grapplers in the sport.

Michael Gerlach

Michael Gerlach is a brown belt under Brian Stuebner who is always looking to sharpen his technique. Mike travels regularly to attend seminars with Black Belt instructors and has a collection of medals and accolades from competing at numerous tournaments. The Kid’s Class and No-Gi Advanced Class at Springfield BJJ have benefited from Mike’s instruction for a few years now, and he also recently began teaching the Women’s BJJ class. For information about private instruction from Mike, click here.

Lucas Walker

Lucas Walker is a brown belt under Brian Stuebner who has a deep passion for learning and teaching Jiu Jitsu techniques. He has competed and medaled in multiple competitions, but prides himself in improving the Jiu Jitsu of all of his training partners. Lucas is constantly improving his technical knowledge and attending seminars to understand the intricate details of the art. Lucas has been an instructor for the No-Gi Advanced class for a few years and is excited to teach the new Women’s BJJ class with Mike.


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We want you to have a great experience in jiujitsu, so we like to offer newcomers an individual welcome to our school. The introductory class is a private lesson with an experienced upper belt with years of experience. You'll learn basic class etiquette like where to stand when class begins and how the class is organized. In addition, you'll be shown three fundamental and effective techniques to help get you started on your Brazilian jiujitsu path. After your class you'll be invited to attend a regular group class, so that your journey may continue.
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